Outerwear Oct 2019


Autumn is upon us, which means it’s all about layers, layers and more layers. To help you feel more ‘million dollars’ than ‘mille-feuille’, we’ve put together a few top tips for layering like a boss.

Be a shape shifter

Try long cardigans with short-sleeved jackets or cropped jumpers with oversized coats. Layering works best when you mix and match lots of different shapes and sizes.

Size up to style it up

When it comes to jumpers, don’t be afraid to go a few sizes up. Baggy, oversized sweaters over dresses and skirts look super chic (and feel even better).

Clash your colours

Try neon shades with muted browns or vibrant patterns with neutral browns – it looks a lot better than it sounds (we promise!). Layering with different fabrics, colours and prints is a recipe for autumn success.


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