Have you heard about our Rwenzori trading project?

We’re selling coffee, ceramics and beautiful handwoven baskets to help families in Uganda to improve their livelihood – and give their children the education they deserve.

Since our sustainable trade project began, we’ve worked with 6000 families across 12 communities in the Rwenzori region of Western Uganda. Back in 2008, just over half of the children from these communities were able to go to school. But we’re very proud to say that, since then, enrolment has now risen to 93% – with over 10,000 children now able to attend primary school

Gorgeous baskets & delicious coffee

Starting at just €4.99, our beautiful handmade woven baskets are a super stylish way to brighten up your home and get organised. And, amazingly, just two baskets could pay for a child in Uganda to attend school for a whole term.

If you’re a caffeine addict, you won’t want to miss our range of fairtrade ground coffee and coffee beans starting at just €3.99 – they even won the Uganda National Taste of Harvest award!

All of our sustainable products are available in store and online, so why not pop in today and discover our gorgeous range? Hurry, they won’t be around for long!


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