TK Maxx the right way - 2019 Brand Page

Shopping at TK Maxx. The anticipation, the excitement, the joy. A heady mix of hustling, bustling and rustling. It’s quite the experience. Whether you’re a life-long fan, an RRP rookie or are yet to step foot in the door (erm, why?), these little tips will help you get the most from your visit. You see, ridiculous possibilities are here to stay when you TK Maxx the right way…

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Open minds bag designer finds

We’re not fans of shopping missions ­– it makes rare chance encounters even rarer. If you head in store looking for a specific pair of pink slingback shoes in a size 6, there's a tiny chance you might not find them. But don't despair! Wipe away those tears, pick yourself up off the floor and expand your mind. One pair of summer shoes does not make a summer wardrobe. If you pop in with summer in mind, the potential possibilities are endless: sunglasses, sandals, beach bags, maxi dresses, more sunglasses and maybe even a parasol.


A quick pop in is the best way to win

Unbelievably, the best way to make the most of what's in store is to shop little and often. You don’t need to spend hours and hours in TK Maxx to discover a gem. You could spend your lunch break aimlessly scrolling whilst tucking into a beige meal deal or you could bite into bargains and head back to your desk laden with designer treats. With fresh deliveries several times a week, get in, see what’s new, um and ah, think about it, fall in love and get out. Repeat until fabulous.


Save more than you pay

When you save more than you pay it’s basically free…Right? Simple maths says no. Our lawyers say no. Maybe even your head says no. But your heart says yes so leave logic behind and embrace the ridiculous possibilities. What we do know is that when the big brands are always up to 60% less than the RRP, your money’s worth a lot more once you step inside TK Maxx.


Seems overwhelming? We get it

Sometimes all we need is the thrill of diving into rail upon rail of big brand clothing. And other times that can feel a tad scary. If that’s today’s vibe, try easing yourself in. TK trips don’t have to begin with clothing so don’t let the rails de-rail you. Start somewhere easy like homeware, beauty or bags. No need to root, rummage or ferret, everything can simply be seen with your eyes. And just like clothing, these departments are full of big brands at small prices too.


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