Your summer wardrobe just got hotter

Your summer wardrobe just got hotter

We can smell the sun cream from here! Holiday season is just around the corner and it’s the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a new wardrobe. So here are a few hot trends to look out for in store…

Simple stripes

They’re cute, classic and you can never have enough of them – horizontal, vertical, thin, thick, bright, muted… you name it. Basically if it’s stripy, you should probably just buy it.

Dark florals

A little more sophisticated and perfect for one of those ‘day-to-night looks’ that magazines talk about. Think dresses, tops and even some statement shoes.

Ruffles, pleats and frills

Add a little bit of romance to your summer wardrobe. Tops and shirts with an added frill or ruffle are a sure winner.

Cropped trousers

So trendy it hurts. Pick up lots of light, summery numbers or a classic denim pair that you can team with a dressy top and sandals.

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