Enable Ireland

TK Maxx and Enable Ireland have been working together since 1997, raising over €3.2 million to support over 6,700 children and young people with disabilities and their families in local communities, in 14 counties across Ireland.

In March 2015, our customers and employees helped collect over 3000 bags of donations to help take action for children with disabilities. This year, you too can help Enable Ireland take action by donating a bag of unwanted clothes, accessories and homeware to your nearest TK Maxx store. In fact, with donations running all year round, you can bring in your unwanted items any time. So get involved, get going.

Find out more about Give Up Clothes For Good Campaign

Enable Ireland’s services for children and their families cover all aspects of a child’s physical, educational and social development from early infancy through adolescence. Thanks to your support, more children can achieve independence, choice and inclusion in their communities.

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