10 Questions 2019

Want to gift different this Christmas and find gifts that aren’t the same old, same old? Look no further. We have the answers, well questions, to help you give presents that are unique, thoughtful and anything but dull...

Become a Christmas-gifting pro with 10 questions to ask your loved ones. We developed them with top behavioural scientists and psychologists (yes, really!) so you can truly get to know your recipient. Are you ready to switch off autopilot and Gift Different with TK Maxx this Christmas? Good. Now put the mince pies down and read on to become a world-class gifter. 

1. Imagine you have 24 hours to do anything you want. Sky’s the limit. What would you do?

2. Finish this sentence: ‘I’m the world’s unknown expert in…’

3. This Christmas you decide to donate everything you own except three items. What do you keep?

4. What’s the one thing you could watch or read about forever and never get bored of?

5. What’s something people assume you like, but you secretly don’t?

6. What’s the one thing you own that you still haven’t used yet and why?

7. Not including me, who’s the best gift giver you know? Why?

8. When was the last time someone did something thoughtful for you?

9. What’s the best gift you’ve ever given someone (other than me)?

10. And finally, share what you are looking forward to most next year...


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