Shop Like A Pro

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like a pro

Here are a few tips and tricks to make the most of shopping at TK Maxx. An open mind is always in fashion.

Shop size not style

- Find your department

(Womens, Mens, Kids)

- Spot your category

(Tops, Trousers, Jackets)

- Shop your size

(10, 12, 14)

Make a beeline of beauty…

Or head to homeware. Remember to keep an open mind. And prepare to do a celebratory cartwheel when you realise you’ve just bagged the biggest bargain ever!

Makeup tools

Get it or regret it

If you love it, grab it because there’s no stock rooms and no second chances. Run!


Visit often

With new big brand bargains landing several times a week, there’s no need to be a stranger.

Pop in on your lunch break and leave with something you love.

So, what’s in store...

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Important safety notice

Product Recall - Dreamgro Mermaid Travel Soother

Product Recall - Bluzen Heat Pad

Product Recall - Wireless Chargers

Product Recall - ENVIE Triple Barrel Curling Tongs

Product Recall - Cylo Wireless Charger

Product Recall - Cortex Hair Curler