Give up clothes for good 2019

Want to get involved? You can help Enable Ireland support children with disabilities by donating a bag of pre-loved, quality clothes, accessories and homeware to your nearest TK Maxx store. Each bag could raise up to €20 for Enable Ireland when sold in their shops. Not only that, you're doing your bit for the environment by recycling and giving your pre-loved clothes a second life. We accept your donations all year round, so you can drop off your pre-loved items any time you like. 
TK Maxx and Enable Ireland have been working together since 1997, raising over €3 million to support over 17,000 children and young people with disabilities and their families in local communities across Ireland.
Enable Ireland’s services for children and their families cover all aspects of a child’s physical, educational and social development rom early infancy through adolescence. Thanks to your support, more children can achieve independence, choice and inclusion in their communities. 
• Enable Ireland provides vital therapy and support services to over 6,700 children and young people with disabilities across Ireland.
• 13% of the population have a disability. Disability can affect any family at any time and when it does, Enable Ireland is there to provide advice and support from the very start.
• If each Irish household donated one bag of clothes, we could raise over €33 million for charity.
All our wardrobes are full of clothes we don’t wear. But it’s hard to say goodbye – so we’ve put together five handy tips that will help you decide whether it’s a ‘keeper’ or not…
1. When did you last wear it? If it’s been over a year then it’s time to wave bye-bye.
2. Can’t quite squeeze into it? Donate the items that don’t fit you comfortably.
3. How does it make you feel? If the answer is ‘great’, then it’s a keeper. If, however, you feel a bit uncomfortable or not like ‘you’ – then be brave and send it our way. 
4. If you saw it in a shop tomorrow, would you run over and wrench it off the hanger? If the answer’s no, it’s probably time to part ways.
5. Does it make your heart pound? If, regardless of any of the above, you still absolutely love it – then keep it. Sometimes love doesn’t make sense, after all!